AACE Academy of Fellows

The goals of the Academy include working with the AACE Executive Council to identify trends in cancer education and training; steering advances in the field; fostering innovation and collaboration; supporting and mentoring peers and trainees; and enhancing the critical importance of cancer education and training in the rapidly changing cancer care environment. Fellows include all AACE Past Presidents as well as individuals who have demonstrated both exemplary commitment to AACE and the highest achievements in the field of cancer education. They are selected through a rigorous peer-review process, and induction into the Academy is a very high honor. Fellows are expected to engage actively to address the goals stated above.

Selection Criteria

Be a Past President of AACE, or be an outstanding member of the cancer education community who is nominated and selected based on the following criteria:

  • Established record as a cancer educator
  • Current contributor to the field of cancer education
  • Established leader of national or international organizations or committees
  • Demonstrated impact in multidisciplinary, interprofessional, or transprofessional educational endeavors
  • Sustained record of scholarship
  • Recipient of recognition and awards
  • Effective mentor

AACE is now accepting nominees for induction into the Academy of Fellows.

  • Review the detailed criteria for AACE Fellows. Note the following:
    • Self-nominations are not permitted
    • AACE Fellows must be (or become) members of AACE and renew their membership annually
    • AACE Fellows are expected to be engaged in the work of AACE and the Academy of Fellows
  • The nomination form must be complete, including attachments of the following:
    • A nomination letter, which must address how the candidate meets the Fellow criteria outlined above
    • A recent CV for the candidate being nominated
    • An endorsement letter from a AACE Fellow in good standing (if the nominator is not a current AACE Fellow)
  • Nominations are due by 1 August 2021

Nominate a Candidate for AACE Fellow


Current List of Fellows

All Past Presidents of AACE are considered Fellows in addition to those nominated for their special dedication. Not all Past President Fellows are active in the Academy, however; click here to view the full list of AACE Past Presidents.
(click the profiles below to enlarge them)

Gilad Amiel

Robert Chamberlain

Arthur Michalek

Joseph O'Donnell

Ajit Sachdeva

John Waterbor

Maria Bishop

Shine Chang

Richard Gallagher

George Hill

Linda Krebs

Charles Moore

John Vetto

Julia White

C. Michael Brooks

Deborah Erwin

Suzanne Gronemeyer

M. Anne Kessinger

Levi Ross

Amr Soliman

David Wiljer