Best Posters

Each year, the Program Committee of the International Cancer Education Conference selects posters that it considers to be the best at the conference.

2022 Best Posters

Best Professional Posters

Research - First Prize

Naa Kwarley Quartey
Using a Nominal Group Technique to Develop a Science Communication Curriculum for Health Professionals and Clinical Researchers

Practices - First Prize

Z’Kera Sims
Taking a Look at the Goal Attainment Scale: Can Training Programs Change Interest in Pursuing Careers in Cancer Research?

Research - Second Prize

Nancy Strand
Surgical Breast Cancer Toolkit Supports Accredited Centers in Meeting Breast Cancer Education Standards

Practices - Second Prize

David Wainstein, Ana Paula Drummond-Lage
Feasibility of an online cancer awareness approach among high school students in a Brazilian private school: a pilot study

Best Student Posters

Research - First Prize

Jala Lockhart, Levi Ross
Support For Patient Navigators to Address Racial Disparities in Information Seeking Behaviors in Prostate Cancer Survivors

Practices - First Prize

Maanasa Gurram
Discovery Orientation and Science Attitudes Among Middle School UMB CURE Scholars”

Research - Second Prize

Jamirah Chevrin
Systematic Literature Review: Society, Genomics, and Black Cancer-related Outcomes and Mortality; Intrinsic Reversibility for Cancer Prevention

Practices - Second Prize

Alexander Molinari
Assessing the use of web-based animation software to produce an educational series for tobacco prevention in middle school-aged children

2021 Best Posters

First Prize

Lauren Huff
Using Video Animations to Optimize First Appointments with Genetic Counsellors

Second Prize

Andrea Pozo Barruel
Alone but not lonely: Fostering social support for caregivers through an asynchronous program that does not have interaction between users

Third Prize

Eleni Giannopoulos
The experiences of cancer caregivers who are newcomers with limited language proficiency: a scoping review

Best Student Posters

Elisa Dephilippis
The intersection of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease in African American women: A review of the literature

Sydney Olfus

Distress and Suicidality in Women with Gynecologic Cancers

Monica Kopec
Improving Access to Patient Education: An Audit of Extant Educational Materials

People's Choice Posters (none in 2021)

2020 Best Posters

First Prize

Tracy Torchetti
Meeting the Information and Support Needs of People With Advanced Cancer Using a Co-Design Methodology

Second Prize

Naa Kwarley Quartey
Providing Education to Patients Virtually:  The Digital Education Prescription

Third Prize

Ashna Shome
Using an Ecological Model and FIT to Increase Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates in an Urban Community

Best Student Posters

Dalia Koujah
Exploring the Age-Related Role of NUP210 in ER+ Breast Cancer

Dina Koes
Suggestions for Interventions to Promote Cervical Cancer Screening in Surat, India

Arnethea Sutton
Identifying Adjuvant Endocrine Therapy Group-Based Trajectory Groups:  A Method to Target Interventions

People's Choice Posters (none in 2020)

2019 Best Posters

First Prize

Tina Papadakos
Difficult Conversations in Cancer: Program Evaluation & Iterative Improvement

Second Prize

Sarah Christensen
Utilizing a Structured Approach to Recruit, Train and Integrate a Patient Family Advisory Council

Third Prize

Maria Grabowski
Nicotine free at last: development and expansion of a fully compensated nicotine cessation program to prevent cancer and improve survivorship

Best Student Posters

Łukasz Moskal
Is HPV a male problem as well? Knowledge about human papilloma virus (HPV) among heterosexual and non-heterosexual men in Poland

Shawn Barrowcliff
The Effects of Smoking on the Gut Microbiome: The Relationship to Colorectal Cancer Disparities for African-American Men

Breanne Lott
"Save the mothers!" Provider perspectives on how to improve cervical cancer education and screening implementation in Ethiopia

People's Choice Posters (four-way tie)

Angela Adjetey Appiah
HPV Patient Navigation Process & Physician Collaboration on Community Education

Melissa Hounshell
Cancer Prevention and Screening Education for Individuals with Disabilities in Kentucky

Lindsey Mattick
Cervical Screening in Tanzania Over 17 Years Resulted in Down-staging: Lessons Learned for Professional Cancer Education

Michael Skipworth
Tobacco Marketing’s Relationship with African American Youth: Evolution and Influence

2018 Best Posters

First Prize

Alice Lu
When cancer genomics research outpaces the regulation of genomics data: does the patient win or lose?

Second Prize

Cherell Cottrell-Daniels
Qualitative smoking cessation study of mindfulness-based text messages among low-income adult smokers

Third Prize

Kathy Janes Jinkins
Using Focus Groups of Learning Center Patients as an Improvement Tool

Best Student Posters

Saadia Ali
Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening in the Somali Community

David Rivera
Smoking in Sexual Minorities and Risk of Lung Cancer

Alain Nathan Sahin
Colorectal Cancer Videos on YouTube: Optimizing Patient-Centered Media

People's Choice Poster

Sara Hendrix
Virtual Reality? How to Remove Access Barriers to Focus Group Participation Among African American Men with Prostate Cancer Family History

2017 Best Posters

First Prize  

Katie Cueva
Alaska’s Tribal Health Workers Report Increased Cancer Knowledge, Reduced Risk Behaviors, and Increased Capacity to Share Cancer Information:  Responses to a Culturally-Relevant Online Cancer Course

Second Prize  

Thiago Silva
The clinical quality control course: Improving the knowledge about quality of mammography

Third Prize  

Tracy Torchetti
Watch, remember and learn: How a 2-minute video can help you learn about cancer

Best Student Posters

Tam Ho
Toxoplasmosis in Relation to Human Cancer Risk

Ringo Leung
Insight on Cancer Burden Presented in the U.S.-affiliated Pacific Islands (USAPI)

Abril Zuniga

The Importance of Diet in the Prevention of Prostate Cancer Among African American Men

People's Choice Poster

Emily Auwarter

Comparative Analysis for Incidence and Survival Rates of Outcomes in Pediatric Brain Cancers between the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Children’s Hospital in Cairo, Egypt

2016 Best Posters

First Prize  |  Awarded $75

Julia Vishnevetsky
Using Single-Objective Videos to Teach Clinicians Strategies for Patient Education Across a Multi-Site Cancer Center

Second Prize  |  Awarded $50

Tesha Coleman

Developing a Mammography Screening Mass Media Campaign Targeting African American Women in Washington, DC

Third Prize  |  Awarded $25

Thiago Silva

Can the training program for radiographers improve the image quality and the diagnostic accuracy of mammography?

2015 Best Research Posters  |  Awarded $60 each

First Prize

Kristen Wells
Pilot Testing of a Spanish Language Biobanking Educational Intervention: Biobanco: una esperanza de cura para el cáncer

Second Prize (Tie)

Christy Widman
Building a Foundation to Accelerate Rates of HPV Vaccination in Western New York

Kathleen Heneghan
Ostomy Home Skills Kit (OSHK) is Effective at Preparing Patients to Confidently Manage Their Post-Operative Recovery

2015 Best Innovations Posters  |  Awarded $60 each

First Prize

Donna Branson
A Cost Effective Approach: Using Social Media to Promote a Cancer Prevention Video

Second Prize

Lorene Payne
International Patient Orientation Video Series

2014 Best Posters  |  Awarded $200 Each
Carolyn Messner
When a Co-Worker is Dying in the Workplace: Transformative Grief Educational Paradigm

Yonaira M. Rivera, Jorge E. Canales, Himilce Vélez, Julio Jiménez, Teresita Muñoz-Antonia, Jaime Matta, Gwendolyn P. Quinn
Cancer 101: Using an Expert Panel to Adapt an Evidence-Based Spanish Language Cancer Education Curriculum for Public Health Students to Educate Communities in Puerto Rico
Meg McCallum
Engaging Patients in the Development of Patient Education Resources
2013 Best Posters

First Prize  |  Awarded $300

Andrew C. Johnson, Michael-Jane Levitan, Nelson Shen, Jackie Bender, Michelle Hamilton-Page, Alejandro R Jadad, David Wiljer
Beyond mood trackers and whale calls in mHealth: A systematic review of depression apps

Second Prize (Tie)  |  Awarded $100 each

Sharon H. Baik, Tonya M. Pan, Vanessa L. Malcarne, Georgia R. Sadler, Patricia Branz, Matthew Fager
Coping with Cancer: A Cancer Education Program for the Deaf Community

Kristen J. Wells, Khaliah Fleming, Gloria Arroyo, Sara Proctor, Clement Gwede, Cathy D. Meade
¡Es Por Mi Bien! Development of the Tampa Bay Community Cancer Network Cervical Cancer Educational Resource

Third Prize (Tie)  |  Awarded $50 each

Ian White, Brian Buchberg, Kim Lu, John Vetto
A virtual reality endoscopic simulator augments general surgery resident cancer education as measured by performance improvement

Maria L. Jibaja-Weiss, Luis Rustveld, Loretta Hanser
Improving Colorectal and Cervical Cancer Screening and Education of Medically Underserved Populations in Harris County, Texas: Findings from the Community Network for Cancer Prevention (CNCP)

2012 Best Posters

First Prize (Tie)  |  Awarded $150 each

Vanessa Sheppard, J. Wang, J. Eng-Wong, S. Harmon-Martin, G. Luta
Promoting Mammography Adherence in Underserved Women: The Telephone Coaching Adherence Study

Georgia Sadler, P. Branz, M. Fager, S. Seegers
Health Promotion via Deaf Friendly Ministries

Second Prize (Tie)  |  Awarded $100 each

Lynda Tunon, C. Gnan, K. Werwie, G. Gotaskie, S. Frank, K. Bird
Integrating New Technology to Provide Chemotherapy Education at an Outpatient Cancer Center

Anne Willis, E. Reed, E. Hatcher, J. Bretsch, M. Pratt-Chapman, L. Norris, S. Patierno
Development of a Workbook to Guide Patient Navigation and Survivorship Program Implementation and Evaluation

Third Prize (Tie)  |  Awarded $50 each

R. Tkatch, Linda Berry-Bobovski, K. Puder, K. Anne, T. Albrecht, S. Eggly, L. Penner, M. Simon
CBPR Approach to Conducting Cancer Related Focus Groups Among Orthodox Jewish Women

L. Meltzer, D. Diaz, M. Carrington, C. Meade, T. Brandon, P. Jacobsen, J. McCaffrey, E. Haura, S. Sutton, Vani Simmons
Development of a Smoking Relapse-prevention Intervention for Cancer Patients

2011 Best Creative Solutions Posters

First Prize | Awarded $300

Lynda Tunon, S. Frank, J. Phillips, K. Bird, M. Posvar, A. McDade, A. Ketterer
Educating Patient and Families about Supportive Care at a Comprehensive Outpatient Cancer Center

Second Prize | Awarded $200

Sofia Bunge, E. Vignaroli, C. Cullen, A. Rodriguez, J. Saravia, M. Bertolino, R. Wenk
E- Learning Palliative Care Program in Latin America: Improvements In Knowledge And Skills

Third Prize | Awarded $100

Leah Scaramuzzo, A. Medina-Forrester, B. Hale, K. Evans, J. Murphy Schehr, C. Rivera, S. Hudson
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Enhance Health Literacy in a Resource Limited Environment
2011 Best Research Posters

First Prize | Awarded $300

Natasha Riley, E. Merz, G. Robins Sadler, V. Malcarne
The Influence of Perceived Community Support on African-American Women’s Response to a Program Promoting Clinical Trials Participation

Second Prize | Awarded $200

Melissa Thomas, D. Thomas, W. Hiermer
Culturally Competent Breast Cancer Education to Amish and Mennonite Communities In Rural Ohio

Third Prize | Awarded $100

Tracey Thomas, S. Owens, K. Johnson, D. Friedman, D. Dawkins, S. Bartelt, L. Gansauer, J. Bearden, J. Herbert
African-American Men’s And Women’s Knowledge, Perceptions, And Barriers to Communicating about Prostate Cancer: A Family-Centered Qualitative Study
2010 Best Posters

First Prize  |  Awarded $300

Douglas Ross, MD
Implementation of Experiential, Competency-Based Palliative and End-Of-Life Care Training for Internal Medical Residents and Medical Oncology Fellows

Second Prize  |  Awarded $200

Rosemary Padberg, RN, MA
Building the Science of Clinical Trial Accrual

Third Prize  |  Awarded $100

Kathy Bishop
Providing Equipment at the Patient Education Visit to Improve Quality

Best Posters 2000 — 2009

First Prize: Lisa Phuong Hoang ,BS, Sheila Faye LaHousse, PhD, Melanie C. Nakaji, Svetlana Daverio-Zanetti, Georgia Robins Sadler, BSN, MBA, PhD, BSN, MBA, PhD
Second Prize: Connie Ziembicki, Maureen Daniels, Normand Laperriere, Warren Mason, Sue Gowans, Kim Edelstein
Third Prize: Donaji Stelzig, Nathalie Folch, Norma Olvera



First Prize: Kelliann Fee-Schroeder, BSN, RN
Second Prize: Jani Ingram, PhD
Third Prize: Robert McLaughlin, PhD



First Prize: Jenny Blanco, MPH
Second Prize: Carolyn Messner, DSW, MSW
Third Prize: Mark Dignan, PhD, MPH



First Prize: Sandra Tullio-Pow, Med
Second Prize: Anita Singh, MD, CCFP
Third Prize: Lawrence J. Alfred, PhD



First Prize: John Vetto, MD
Second Prize: LuAnn Wilkerson, EdD
Third Prize: Renee Patrick, MA



First Prize: Donna Smith, RN, NP
Second Prize: Charles Kelly
Third Prize: John Vetto, MD



First Prize: Ann Murray, BSc, MAEd
Second Prize: unknown
Third Prize: Unknown



First Prize: unknown
Second Prize: unknown
Third Prize: Unknown



First Prize: Shayla Green
Second Prize: unknown
Third Prize: unknown



First Prize: Suzanne Gronemeyer, PhD
Second Prize: unknown
Third Prize: unknown