Best Abstracts

Each year, the Program Committee of the International Cancer Education Conference selects oral presentations that it considers to be the best at conference.
2016 Best Abstracts  |  Awarded $100 Each

Cheryl Holt, Erin Tagai, Sherie Lou Santos, Jimmie Slade, Roxanne Carter, Mary Ann Scheirer, Muhiuddin Haider
Using a Tailored Report to Stimulate Capacity-Appropriate Evidence-Based Cancer Education in African-American Churches

Katie Schoeppner, Heather Moore, Jackie Foster, Katy Engelby, Elizabeth Murphy
Peer Connect: an Innovative Approach to Meeting the Educational and Emotional Needs of Hematopoietic Cell Transplant (HCT) Patients and Caregivers

Katie Cueva, Laura Revels, Melany Cueva, Reggie Kuhnley, Anne Lanier, Mark Dignan
Collaboratively Developed, Culturally Responsive, Online Cancer Education Inspires Cancer Risk Reduction for Alaska’s Community Health Aides/Practitioners
2015 Best Abstracts  |  Awarded $100 Each

Paul McCann, Veronica Bryksa, Diane Marley
Patients and Families for change – lessons learned from the implementation of RENEW, a post treatment education initiative

Jennifer Wang, Chasity Walters
Using Virtual Programs to Deliver Education and Support to People with Cancer and their Caregivers

Aman Sium, Janet Papadakos, Angela Dosis, Vincenzo Addario, Audrey Jusko Friedman, Danny Ghazarian
Making pathology reports meaningful to patients: A plain language intervention
2014 Best Abstracts  |  Awarded $200 Each
Stephenie Kennedy, Mary Ellen Conn,  Darla Fickle, Marcy Bencivenga, Betsy Aumiller, Megan Stuart, Samuel Lesko, Mark Dignan
Understanding Cancer: Developing and Evaluating an Easy to Read Cancer Education Curriculum for the Appalachian Population
Ivan Valverde, Luis Rustveld, Roshanda Chenier, Maria Jibaja-Weiss
Lessons Learned: A Qualitative Analysis of a Theater-Based Colorectal and Cervical Cancer Screening and Awareness Program
Pedram Daraei, Charles Moore
E-cigarette and Tobacco Use in the U.S. Adolescent Population: Decreasing Use Through Early and Targeted Education Using the Anti-Smoking Health Education Series (ASHES) Curriculum