Selma Morris Memorial Travel Scholarship Award

AACE established this Memorial Travel Scholarship Award in 2013 to honor the esteemed Selma Morris.

Selma J. Morris, RN, MEd was an expert in the arena of breast health. She served in two positions (Breast Health Liaison/Grants Procurement Officer) at Grady Health System, the largest public hospital in the southeast. Part of her responsibility was to identify opportunities for promoting breast health within multi-cultural communities of metro Atlanta and the state of Georgia. She was the principal investigator on several unique breast health programs, and, as an International Health Advisor, developed, implemented and evaluated these programs in Zambia, Swaziland, Georgia, the Ukraine, Romania and Burundi.

Each year, the AACE Executive Council chooses an attendee of the International Cancer Education Conference who is presenting a work focused in global cancer education to receive a travel scholarship to attend the conference.

Selection for 2016

Applications for the Selma Morris Memorial Travel Scholarship Award are now CLOSED. Applications were due no later than 18 July 2016. If an award recipient is selected, that recipient will be honored during the AACE Annual Business Meeting and Awards Luncheon on Friday, 16 September 2016 at the 2016 International Cancer Education Conference.

The Selma Morris Memorial Travel Scholarship Award will provide a grant, not to exceed $1,500.00, to support attendance to the International Cancer Education Conference (ICEC) to present papers, posters or creative work focused in the area of global (national and/or international) cancer education. This program provides financial assistance to U.S. and international applicants.

Please review the 2016 eligibility requirements and selection criteria before applying.




2016 Wytze Aalders, Katie Cueva, Caroline Davila (shared)
2015 Pedram Daraei, Jill B. Hamilton (shared)
2014 Isnory Colón, Jomary Colón, Pedram Daraei,
Essie Torres (shared)
2013 Alejandra Hurtado-de-Mendoza